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Small producers unhappy with changes to renewables law – Romania, 24 November 2016

Romanian Minister of Energy Victor Grigorescu announced earlier that the Ministry is planning to change Law 220 from 2008, related to the support scheme for the renewable energy sector. However, according to the association of renewable energy producers in Romania (PATRES), these changes will favor only large international companies in the wind energy sector, but […]

71 MW in wind power in trial operation by the end of 2017 – Croatia, 18 November 2016

Natasa Putak from Croatian electricity market operator HROTE said on the International Forum on Renewable Energy that additional 71 MW installed capacity in wind farms, with estimated annual electricity generation of 160 GWh, will be put into trial operation by the end of 2017. Putak said that by the end of October this year, a […]

Government proposes 15-years mandatory acquisition of green certificates – Romania, 28 October 2016

Romanian Ministry of Energy has published a draft bill that brings major amendments to current Renewable Law, including new price limits and transaction changes for green certificates, which represent one of the main revenue generation mechanisms for renewable energy producers in Romania. Through these amendments, the Government proposes the enforcement of an annual obligation for […]