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RS to abolish guaranteed purchase price of electricity for large-scale producers – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 16 September 2021

Small-scale facilities for the production of electricity from renewable sources, with an installed capacity of up to 500 kW, will have the right to a guaranteed purchase price of electricity, while this right will be abolished for large producers who will sell electricity directly on the market, acc Full article available for subscribers of Energy […]

Government to support solar panel installation with 58 million euros in grants – Hungary, 03 September 2021

State Secretary for the Development of Circular Economy, Energy and Climate Policy Attila Steiner said that Hungary plans to launch a tender for more than 58 million euros in grants to support the installation of home solar panels and energy-efficient heating systems. Steiner said that the grants Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS […]

HROTE will take a loan in order to pay RES incentives – Croatia, 02 September 2021

With the Government’s decision, Croatian energy market operator HROTE received approval for borrowing from a commercial bank for 13 million euros for the purpose of ensuring the liquidity of the renewable energy support scheme. The repayment period of this revolving loan is one year, and the interes Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS […]

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