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15 EU member states asking for gas price caps – Region, 28 September 2022

According to a letter, signed by 15 EU member states including Greece, Bulgaria, Romania and Croatia, the European Commission (EC) should introduce a cap to wholesale natural gas prices in […]

Some of the shortcomings of “cap and subsidy” scheme amended – Romania, 28 September 2022

The two committees of the Romanian Senate have amended the revised “cap and subsidy” support scheme, introduced by the Government’s Emergency Ordinance OUG 119/2022, addressing some but not all the […]

EPCG offers its shares on the stock exchange – Montenegro, 15 September 2022

Following two failed attempts to sell its shares to institutional investors, the Montenegrin Government allows state-owned utility EPCG to sell 10 % of its shares on the stock exchange. The […]