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GEN-I plans to install 20,000 solar power plants by 2030 – Slovenia, 09 June 2021

With its ambitious investment plan, Slovenian company GEN-I plans to contribute to the country’s coal phase-out. GEN-I Director Robert Golob said that the company intends to invest one billion euros in new technologies and digitalization and to install 20,000 solar power plants of various sizes b Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service […]

HEP still dominates Croatia’s electricity sector – Croatia, 05 March 2021

The share of companies from the state-owned HEP Group in the production, transmission and distribution of electricity is still huge, although it has decreased since 2008: in the number of employees from 98.5 % to 91.8 %, in total revenues from 98.6 % to 80 % and in net profit from 93.9 % to 79.1 […]

GEN-I recorded net profit of 15.4 million euros in 2020 – Slovenia, 18 February 2021

Slovenian GEN-I Group recorded a consolidated net profit in the amount of 15.4 million euros in 2020, which is slightly higher compared to net profit of 15.3 million euros in the previous year. The group’s sales revenues dropped by 4.7 % to 2.1 billion euros in 2020, while its expenditures also d Full article available […]