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HPP Visegrad produced 99.2 GWh of electricity in May – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 24 June 2022

A subsidiary of power utility ERS “Hidroelektrane na Drini”, the company which operates hydropower plant Visegrad, announced that the plant has produced 99.23 GWh of electricity in May 2022, which […]

Bulgaria had the largest CO2 emissions increase in 2021 – Bulgaria, 24 June 2022

According to data published by Eurostat, CO2 emissions from fossil fuels in the EU have increased by 6.3 % in 2021 compared to the previous year. Bulgaria had the largest […]

1,022 GWh of electricity produced in April – Croatia, 24 June 2022

According to short-term indicators of energy statistics published by Croatian Bureau of Statistics, net electricity production in Croatia in April 2022 amounted to 1,022 GWh, which is 5.6 % lower […]