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GEN-I to continue to supply electricity to Croatian Post – Croatia, 2 November 2016

GEN-I Zagreb, a Croatian subsidiary of the Slovenian energy company GEN-I, is on the right way to achieving its business plan for this year, according to which, a sale of 405.8 million kWh of electricity on the Croatian market is planned, out of which some 150 million kWh is supplied to small businesses and households. […]

HEP to supply electricity to Slovenian Railways – Slovenia, 28 October 2016

Croatian state-owned power utility HEP announced that its Slovenian subsidiary HEP Energija has signed a contract on electricity supply with Slovenian Railways. The supply contract is 26.5 million euros worth and will be valid for three and a half years. With this latest addition, from the beginning of 2017 HEP will hold 12.5 % share […]

HEP to supply electricity to Planica Sports Center – Slovenia, 14 October 2016

HEP Energija, Slovenian subsidiary of the Croatian state-owned power utility HEP, has won a tender for the supply of electricity to Sports Center Planica since its offer was selected as the best one among six bidders. According to the contract, HEP Energija will supply electricity to Sports Center Planice during the next year and a […]