Energy NEWS May-2 2022

Edition May-2 2022 with 117 pages and 129 energy news articles

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Table of content, edition May-2 2022


16.05. – EU Council gives green light to new rules for cross-border energy infrastructure
16.05. – Overgas and Albgaz agreed to diversify gas supply in the Balkans
17.05. – EU clarifies how companies can legally pay for Russian gas
18.05. – European Commission presented REPowerEU Plan
20.05. – Increase of NTC values on Montenegro – Kosovo border direction between 23 and 29 May
20.05. – EU agrees on mandatory gas reserves for supply crises
23.05. – Implications of CBAM for EnC contracting parties
24.05. – All NEMO Committee’s public consultation
26.05. – Increase of NTC values on Greek borders in June
26.05. – Nine electronic registries guarantees of origin ready for EnC contracting parties
27.05. – Increase of NTC values on Montenegro – Kosovo border direction between 30 May and 5 June
27.05. – EU to exempt Druzhba pipeline from Russian oil embargo
27.05. – ICGB to be registered as an independent TSO
31.05. – EU reaches compromise on Russian oil embargo
31.05. – Core Flow-Based Market Coupling project completed all preparations ahead of 8 June go-live

Bosnia and Herzegovina
16.05. – RiTE Stanari recorded 24 million euros profit in 2021
18.05. – RiTE Gacko recorded slight profit in Q1 2022
18.05. – Ruling on Trusina wind farm project annulled
25.05. – RS will not shut down coal capacities
27.05. – 762 GWh of electricity produced in FBiH in April
27.05. – HPP Visegrad produced 125 GWh of electricity in April
27.05. – Construction of 45 MW Petjnik solar power plant started
30.05. – Gross electricity generation reached 1,441 GWh in March
30.05. – Elektroprijenos BiH recorded 5.7 million euros loss in 2021
01.06. – Energoinvest signed an annex to gas supply agreement with Gazprom

16.05. – Electricity generation increased by 16.6 % in 2022
16.05. – Government increases support for businesses over rising electricity, gas prices
20.05. – Bulgaria secured location for US LNG imports
23.05. – Bulgaria should reduce its dependence on fossil fuels
25.05. – ContourGlobal to invest in carbon-free, low-carbon energy
25.05. – BEH’s profit increased eightfold in 2021
25.05. – EC urges Bulgaria to accelerate energy diversification and increase RES energy share
26.05. – Rules on self-consumption renewable energy systems eased
28.05. – Unit 5 of NPP Kozloduy reconnected to the grid
28.05. – KEVR ready to apply increasing-block pricing (IBP) for electricity and water
30.05. – Electricity generation reached 5,144 GWh in March
30.05. – Cheniere to supply LNG to Bulgaria
30.05. – NEK recorded 352 million euros profit in 2021
31.05. – Bulgaria is exempted from EU’s Russian oil sanctions
31.05. – ESO invested more than 25 million euros in network digitalization
01.06. – Bulgargaz proposes 12.9 % wholesale gas price drop for June
02.06. – Bulgaria will not negotiate new gas supply deal with Gazprom

19.05. – Government approved HEP’s 172 million euros loan
20.05. – HEP recorded profit of 135 million euros in 2021
20.05. – Funding for municipal solar and geothermal projects
21.05. – REPowerEU offers huge development opportunity for Croatia
24.05. – Croatia to build its second LNG terminal near Zadar
25.05. – EC urges Croatia to accelerate decarbonization, renewable energy utilization
26.05. – 1,189 GWh of electricity produced in March
30.05. – TPP Plomin could be back in operation, will use gas, biomass, waste
01.06. – 386,052 MWh traded on CROPEX in May
01.06. – HEP ODS invested 12 million euros in smart grids

17.05. – Government to tax extra profits of energy producers
20.05. – Legal framework for offshore wind farms almost completed
23.05. – Greece prepares for the halt of Russian gas supply
23.05. – 30 % of Revythoussa gas destined for Bulgaria
24.05. – Binding offers at South Kavala gas storage tender expected in July
25.05. – ELPE and Total to discuss hydrocarbon exploration exit
26.05. – Electricity consumption dropped by 3.8 % in April
27.05. – PPC to double wind and solar capacity in 2022
27.05. – Greece adopted its first Climate Protection Law
01.06. – Obstacles for the finalization of DEPA Infrastructure sale removed

16.05. – Hungary holding EU hostage over Russian oil embargo
17.05. – ID Energy sells its 14 solar power plants in Hungary to Obton
19.05. – MVM to build 28 solar power plants
23.05. – Gas storages are at 25 % capacity
24.05. – MVM ESCO completed its first solar power plant
26.05. – Government to try to increase domestic energy production
30.05. – Hungary increased fuel prices for foreign buyers
31.05. – Croatia to expand the capacity of JANAF oil pipeline

24.05. – RKE joins ACER’s electricity working group
25.05. – 541 GWh of electricity produced in March
28.05. – Suvodol coalmine flooded after storm, coal excavation continues with difficulties
01.06. – North Macedonia the first Western Balkans country to adopt NECP

18.05. – EPCG signed contract on the construction of district heating system in Pljevlja
20.05. – Successful tenders for Solari 3000+ and 500+ projects

16.05. – EIB and Transgaz sign agreement to decarbonize Romania’s gas network
16.05. – Electrica recorded 32 million euros loss in Q1 2022
16.05. – Romgaz recorded 70 % higher profit Q1 2022
17.05. – Engie to develop largest on-site solar power plant in Romania
17.05. – Rompetrol Rafinare increased losses in Q1 2022
18.05. – Hidroelectrica’s valuation raised to 11.5 billion euros
18.05. – Electrica appointed temporary CEO
18.05. – GreenVolt acquired 45 MW solar power plant in Romania
19.05. – Amended Offshore Law passes the Parliament
20.05. – Nuclearelectrica awarded NPP Cernavoda unit 1 optimization contract to Candu Energy
20.05. – Romania to cooperate with Shell on LNG projects
24.05. – First SMR to be located in Doicesti
26.05. – Romgaz wants to accelerate final investment decision for Neptun Deep project
26.05. – TPP Mintia to be auctioned at the starting price of 91.2 million euros
27.05. – Romania qualified for top 30 Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) index
27.05. – Deadline for submitting RES projects through PNRR extended to 15 June
27.05. – FIEKR secured 83 million euros for financing cogeneration projects
30.05. – Delgaz Grid to invest 143 million euros in distribution network in 2022
31.05. – BSOG to start natural gas production on 28 June
01.06. – Transelectrica completed 12 million euros upgrade of Hasdat substation
02.06. – FP hired Rothschild as equity advisor for Hidroelectrica’s listing
02.06. – GreenVolt obtained loan to finance the acquisition of 45 MW solar power plant

16.05. – Fintel Energija recorded losses in Q1 2022
16.05. – Sombor to start preparation of the regulation plan for Bezdan solar power plant
19.05. – Government introduced temporary gas price cap
19.05. – EPS launched the construction of its first wind farm
20.05. – Serbia will be able to store 300 to 500 million cubic meters of gas in Hungary
23.05. – Serbia and Romania discussing cooperation in the energy field
23.05. – Government pushes forward HPP Bistrica project
23.05. – Government approved coal imports for EPS
25.05. – Serbia to store 500 billion cubic meters of gas in Hungary
27.05. – 6 MW solar power plant to be built near Pirot
29.05. – Serbia agreed new three-year gas supply contract with Gazprom
30.05. – First RES auctions will be announced in the third quarter of 2022
30.05. – Serbia needs more gas than secured in deal with Gazprom
31.05. – NIS to distribute 49.2 million euros in dividends
02.06. – Serbia and Azerbaijan to cooperate in the energy sector

16.05. – Slovenia 53 % energy self-sufficient in 2021
17.05. – Government passed a decree on granting concessions for waste incineration
18.05. – NPP Krsko production in April
19.05. – DEM obtained permit for pilot geothermal power plant
20.05. – Petrol’s profit rose by 17 % in Q1 2022
20.05. – Petrol expects Government to reimburse lost profits due to price caps
20.05. – Slovenian Geoplin failed to secure additional capacity at Krk LNG terminal
25.05. – Electricity generation rose by 45 % in April

18.05. – Turkey invested 1 billion euros in wind energy in 2021
24.05. – Wind and solar replacing gas imports, saved 7 billion dollars in the past year
30.05. – Gazprom resumed gas supply to Turkey via Blue Stream
31.05. – Energy imports rose by 135 % in April
01.06. – Turkey increases gas, electricity prices
02.06. – Natural gas imports rose by 6.6 % in March
02.06. – Crude oil imports rose by 11.2 % in March
02.06. – LPG imports dropped by 21.1 % in March


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