PSD is planning to raise taxes on domestic gas production – Romania, 29 November 2018

Romania’s main ruling party PSD proposed an amendment that will increase the taxes paid by domestic gas producers, a move which favors gas imports from Russia rather than promoting domestic production. According to this proposal, the supplementary tax paid by domestic producers for the natural ga Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service […]

Romania is exporting electricity due to high wind production – Romania, 28 November 2018

Low temperatures in Romania in the past few days contributed to the increase of electricity consumption, but due to high wind production in recent days, the country is still a net exporter of electricity. In the morning hours of 28 November, consumption in Romania amounted to a little over 9,200 Full article available for subscribers […]

Romgaz to increase gas output in 2018 – Romania, 28 November 2018

Romanian state-owned natural gas producer Romgaz announced that it will increase its gas output by the end of the year thanks to increased production at its Caragele gas field. The statement from the company said that Caragele gas field currently produces 700,000 cubic meters of gas per day to th Full article available for subscribers […]