Greece-Macedonia oil pipeline close to reopening – Region, 30 May 2017

According to sources, talks on the reopening of an oil pipeline between Greece and Macedonia are likely to be resumed following the stabilization of political situation in Macedonia as a result of recent elections. The pipeline, which connects oil refinery in Thessaloniki, owned by Greek refiner Hellenic Petroleum (ELPE), and OKTA refinery in Skopje, owned […]

Gazprom, EC to discuss market abuse case in the coming weeks – Region, 30 May 2017

Deputy CEO of Russian gas company Gazprom Alexander Medvedev and EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager agreed to discuss the findings of the European Commission’s (EC) market tests within the market abuse case settlement in the coming weeks. Medvedev said that Gazprom’s delegation had fruitful talks with Vestager and the EC, adding that it was agreed […]

Transgaz to invest 130 million euros in new pipelines to Moldova – Romania, 29 May 2017

Romanian natural gas transmission system operator Transgaz will build a new transport infrastructure so that the Romanian gas will reach over the Prut river. The Romanian Government considers this project as one of national importance and once realized it would allow Moldavians across the Prut to use gas from what will be extracted from the […]