Moldovan investor bought RAFO Onesti refinery – Romania, 28 June 2016

The third largest Romanian oil refinery RAFO Onesti has been bought by Austrian company Andres Capital GmbH, which is controlled by a group of Moldovan investors, led by Vitali Cebanu. The aforementioned acquisition of RAFO Onesti oil refinery, which was not operational since 2008, was done about a month ago, but did not pass all […]

State does not need landowners’ permission for large gas projects – Romania, 28 June 2016

According to a draft emergency ordinance proposed by the Romanian Ministry of Economy, the projects of national importance in the field of natural gas can be implemented without the approval of landowners, on whose land the pipelines would be built. The proposal says that gas infrastructure could be build on non-state property even if landowners […]

Romania to obtain new targets for renewable energy – Romania, 28 June 2016

Secretary of state at the Ministry of Energy Corina Popescu said that Romania will have to adopt new targets for renewable energy due to the fact that current green certificates support scheme will be suspended at the end of 2016. She also pointed out that the Ministry of Energy does not intend to impose new […]

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