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Price of electricity produced by TPP Maritsa East 2 should increase by 27 % – Bulgaria, 20 April 2017

According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy, the price of electricity produced by thermal power plant Maritsa East 2 should increase by 27 % if this 1,450 MW coal-fired power plant is to fulfill the planned tighter limits on sulfur dioxide emissions that are set to come in force on 28 April on the EU […]

Power plants fined for breach of cold reserve contracts – Bulgaria, 13 April 2017

CEO of Bulgarian Energy Holding (BEH) Petyo Ivanov said in an interview that thermal power plants which could not respond fast enough or at all in accordance with their cold reserve contracts during January-February sold spell have been fined with a total of some 1.84 million euros. Out of abovementioned sum, 1.79 million euros were […]

No new coal-fired TPPs to be built after 2020 – Region, 11 April 2017

Energy companies from every EU member state except Poland and Greece have signed an initiative in an effort to meet Paris pledges and limit the effects of climate change. The companies have pledged that no new coal-fired thermal power plants will be built in the EU after 2020. A press from Eurelectric, the association which […]