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Tomislavgrad is against the construction of TPP Kongora – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 11 July 2017

The Mayor of Tomislavgrad, the city in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in vicinity of which thermal power plant Kongora is planned to be built, Ivan Vukadin said that the city is against the construction of this coal-fired TPP due to environmental reasons, and would rather see investments in renewable energy projects. In March, […]

TPP Gacko taken offline – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 10 July 2017

Executive Director for Production of electricity and Development at thermal power plant Gacko, Borivoje Vujicic said that TPP Gacko has been taken offline in the evening of 9 July due to a malfunction on the pipe system of the plant’s boiler. He explained that due to high temperatures and harsh working conditions it is difficult […]

New pollution standards may push EC Oltenia out of the market – Romania, 7 July 2017

General Manager of Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia Sorin Boza said that the new proposals of European directives in the energy sector impose certain technical barriers, which will practically remove coal based energy production from the market, and Romania is not prepared for that. According to Boza, new directives provide the CO2 emission reduction at 550 […]