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All deadlines for TPP Ugljevik 3 construction broken – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 19 June 2017

Russian company Comsar Energy has not started the construction of thermal power plant Ugljevik 3, although it was supposed to become operational in late 2016. A local subsidiary Comsar Energy RS has serious problems with finding a contractor who should build the plant on a turnkey contracts since negotiations with the Chinese company that was […]

EPCG and Skoda Praha continue negotiations on TPP Pljevlja project – Montenegro, 16 June 2017

Representatives of Czech company Skoda Praha and Montenegrin power utility EPCG continued negotiations in order to reach an agreement and start the construction of second unit at coal-fired thermal power plant Pljevlja. In the past two days, Skoda Praha presented technical, financial and legal aspects of the project which are in line with the previously […]

Planned coal-fired TPPs in the Balkans do not meet EU standards – Region, 15 June 2017

The analysis by CEE Bankwatch Network has shown that almost none of the new power plants that are planned to be built in Western Balkans will not meet the latest standards against air pollution approved by the European Union. Research coordinator of Bankwatch Pippa Gallop said that the drafters of these coal-fired thermal power plant […]