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1,119 GWh of electricity produced in July – Croatia, 23 September 2022

According to short-term indicators of energy statistics published by Croatian Bureau of Statistics, net electricity production in Croatia in July 2022 amounted to 1,119 GWh, which is 14.5 % higher […]

FBiH Governmnet plans to buy Capljina oil terminal – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 20 September 2022

The Government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) has tasked the operator of entity’s oil terminals OTF to assess the condition of the abandoned oil terminal in Dretelj […]

Average August electricity bill at 37.9 euros – Montenegro, 19 September 2022

Average electricity bill for households in August 2022 amounted to 37.91 euros, 3.6 % higher than in August last year (36.6 euros). Lowest average monthly consumption was recorded in Pljevlja […]