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EC Oltenia to loan 54 million euros for TPP Rovinari unit 5 upgrade – Romania, 26 Januarry 2018

State-owned electricity producer Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia is planning to obtain long-term loan worth some 54 million euros from EximBank to finance the rehabilitation and upgrade of 330 MW unit 5 at thermal power plant Rovinari in order to extend its operational life by another 15 years. Earlier this month, General Manager of EC Oltenia […]

Negotiations on new TPP in Rovinari resumed – Romania, 9 August 2017

Romanian Ministry of Energy announced that Romania has officially resumed talks with Chinese Huadian Engineering on the construction of a new 600 MW thermal power plant in Rovinari, within the Energy Complex Oltenia. After the meeting with the Chinese delegation, Minister of Energy Toma Petcu said that discussion with the Chinese partners had entered a […]

EC Oltenia will get 21 million euros for modernization of its TPPs – Romania, 16 August 2106

Romanian Minister of Energy Victor Grigorescu said that the Ministry has signed two financing agreements worth 21 million euros with state-owned electricity producer Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia in order to modernize its Rovinari and Isalnita thermal power plants. The project will be financed with money obtained through the sale of greenhouse gas emission allowances. Minister […]