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Installed wind capacity increased by 104 MW in June – Greece, 2 August 2016

According to data from Greek electricity market operator LAGIE, the installed wind capacity has recorded an increase of 104 MW in June. The installed capacity in wind power in Greece has rose from 1,856.62 MW to 1,960.22 MW at the end of June, producing 279,770 MWh of electricity during the month. This increase comes after […]

Record electricity production from renewable sources in 2015 – Macedonia, 15 July 2016

According to the annual report of the Energy Regulatory Commission (REK) for 2015, the production of electricity from renewable sources in Macedonia increased three times. In the past few years, Macedonia has reported continuous growth of electricity production from renewable energy sources. According to the report, in 2015 there were 58 small hydropower plants, 101 […]

Turkey to turn to offshore wind farms – Turkey, 20 June 2016

According to experts, offshore wind turbines are much more efficient that their onshore counterparts, but also requires higher investments in their construction. With its long Mediterranean coast, Turkey has the potential to generate significant volumes of electricity from offshore wind farms, thus reducing the country’s dependency on energy imports. Following the example of other countries […]