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JANAF acquired 9 % stake in Petrokemija – Croatia, 08 November 2018

Croatian oil transportation company JANAF has acquired 9.09 % stake in local artificial fertilizer producer Petrokemija by subscribing part of its capital increase. JANAF bought 5 million Petrokemija’s shares, as a part of its 60.5 million euros capital hike carried out through the conversion of Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service (PDF […]

INA and PPD are majority owners of Petrokemija – Croatia, 01 November 2018

Croatian national oil company INA and natural gas supplier Prvo Plinarsko Drustvo (PPD) have signed an agreement with the state on recapitalization of artificial fertilizer producer Petrokemija, paying some 40 million euros, which made them majority owners of the company. INA and PPD said in a jo Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS […]

HEP to supply natural gas to Petrokemija – Croatia, 3 August 2018

The Croatian Government said that due to the continuity of natural gas deliveries necessary for ensuring of continuous production at artificial fertilizer producer Petrokemija it has decided that the company will be supplied by state-owned power utility HEP. HEP will deliver natural gas to Petrokemija in the period between 1 August and 1 October 2018 […]