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ELEM to start unit 2 at TPP Bitola instead of TPP Oslomej – Macedonia, 12 June 2018

Macedonian state-owned power utility ELEM said that it will start the production at unit 2 of coal-fired thermal power plant Bitola, while TPP Oslomej will be taken offline. The statement from the company said that, although the defect with wet ash handling system has been removed and TPP Oslomej can work in accordance with all […]

ELEM plans new modernization of REK Bitola – Macedonia, 11 November 2017

Macedonian state-owned power utility ELEM plans the new modernization of the largest mining and energy complex (REK) Bitola and restart of production at thermal power plant Oslomej. Director General of ELEM Dragan Minoski said that the company plans to modernize unit 1 at REK Bitola since units 2 and 3 were modernized back in 2013. […]

TPP Oslomej will be put into operation to cover increasing electricity demand – Macedonia, 14 January 2017

After the repairs of unit 3 at thermal power plant Bitola, Macedonian power utility ELEM begun preparations for the start of production at TPP Oslomej in order to cover increasing electricity demand with its own production, rather than import. The company stated that Macedonian consumers will be supplied with enough electricity, despite low temperatures in […]