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State-owned energy companies recorded 932 million euros losses in the past three years – Romania, 14 October 2016

The companies which operate under the Romanian Ministry of Energy have recorded a loss of 932 million euros in the last three years. Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia, Energy Complex Hunedoara and the Romanian Autonomous Authority for Nuclear Activities (RAAN) have accumulated losses of 619 million euros in 2015 only. Among these three, EC Hunedoara recorded […]

Transelectrica to collect over 15 million euros in debt – Romania, 16 September 2016

According to a document published by Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica, Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia is the biggest debtor for electricity transportation services with some 1.44 million euros in debt. Overall, Transelectrica has to collect over 15 million euros in debt for its services, of which 11.26 million euros represents actual debt, while the […]

EC Oltenia will get 21 million euros for modernization of its TPPs – Romania, 16 August 2106

Romanian Minister of Energy Victor Grigorescu said that the Ministry has signed two financing agreements worth 21 million euros with state-owned electricity producer Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia in order to modernize its Rovinari and Isalnita thermal power plants. The project will be financed with money obtained through the sale of greenhouse gas emission allowances. Minister […]