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Serbia’s oil storages are 88 % full – Serbia, 31 August 2022

Serbian Minister of Mining and Energy Zorana Mihajlovic said that the country’s total crude oil and oil derivatives storage capacity amounts to 320,000 tons, which are currently at 88 % […]

JANAF signed long-term storage deal with Delta-Oil – Croatia, 25 August 2022

Croatian state-owned oil transportation company JANAF said that it has signed long-term deal for storage of oil derivatives with local fuel retailer Delta-Oil. The agreement envisages the storage of 20,000 […]

JANAF to store part of Croatia’s mandatory oil products reserves – Croatia, 22 April 2022

Croatian oil transportation company JANAF and Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency (AZU) signed an agreement on the storage of a part of the country’s mandatory oil products reserves. The agreement envisages storage […]