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Opposition requests data on alleged NPP Paks 2 cost increase – Hungary, 15 January 2019

Hungarian opposition LMP party has submitted a request for data of public interest in order to determine the alleged cost increases related to the expansion of Hungary’s sole nuclear power plant Paks due to delays in the project. According to LMP, calculations on the project’s rate of return were Full article available for subscribers of […]

NPP Krsko production in November – Slovenia, 28 December 2018

In November 2018, nuclear power plant Krsko, jointly owned by Slovenia and Croatia, produced 499,792 MWh of net electricity, which is 2 % more than planned (490,000 MWh) for this month. The plant also said that on 28 December it has exceeded planned production for 2018 by generating 5.43 TWh of elec Full article available […]

Petrol targets 96.7 million euros profit in 2019 – Slovenia, 14 December 2018

Slovenian energy group Petrol adopted its 2019 business plan, according to which it expects consolidated net profit in the amount of 96.7 million euros in 2019. According to the statement, the group’s revenues in 2019 should amount to 5.6 billion euros, while its gross profit should reach 475 mi Full article available for subscribers of […]