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NEK achieved positive financial results in 2017 – Bulgaria, 20 April 2018

Bulgarian Minister of Energy Temenuzhka Petkova said that National Electricity Company (NEK) will report a positive financial result for 2017, which has not happened for years, adding that the company’s net profit should amount to about 3 million euros. Speaking about the requested electricity price increase, Minister Petkova said that any decision regarding the price […]

NEK received 550 million euros from Electricity System Security Fund since 2015 – Bulgaria, 6 March 2018

Chairman of the Electricity System Security Fund Dian Chervenkondev said that the Bulgarian National Electricity Company (NEK) has received over 550 million euros from the fund since its inception in 2015, as a compensation for electricity purchased at preferential prices. According to the law, the Fund collects 5 % of the monthly revenues from electricity […]

NEK to receive 240 million euros from Electricity System Security Fund in 2018 – Bulgaria, 31 January 2018

According to the budget approved by the Council of Ministers, a total of 240 million euros is expected to be collected in the special Electricity System Security Fund in 2018. Nearly half of the amount will be collected from the sale of carbon emission allowances. The collected funds cover the costs of the National Electricity […]