MEPSO became founding partner in SEE CAO – Macedonia, 1 June 2016

Macedonian electricity transmission system operator MEPSO signed the contract according to which it became the founding partner in the Southeastern Europe Coordinated Auction Office (SEE CAO), a regional company that organizes auctions for cross-border transmission capacities. The statement from MEPSO said that the accession of the company to SEE CAO is a step forward that […]

Over 150 companies to get cheaper electricity as of 1 July – Macedonia, 23 May 2016

According to the Macedonian electricity transmission system operator MEPSO, over 150 small consumers will soon be supplied with electricity at market prices. According to the consumption data, which MEPSO received from the two operators of electricity distribution system in Macedonia, over 150 customers which consumption exceeded 1 GWh of electricity in 2015 will acquire the […]