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MSZP alleges illegal state aid used to acquire Matrai Eromu – Hungary, 30 July 2020

The opposition Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) said that it will turn to the European Commission the alleged case of using illegal state aid for the acquisition of Matrai Eromu, the second largest electricity producer in the country. MSZP Vice President Laszlo Szakacs said that the deal cost the Full article available for subscribers of Energy […]

Matrai Eromu plans gas-fired unit and solar parks – Hungary, 09 July 2020

Head of Strategy Department at Hungary’s coal-fired power plant operator Matrai Eromu Zoltan Orosz said that the company, which is the second largest producer of electricity in the country, plans to build a 500 MW gas-fired unit at its facility in Visonta (80 kilometers northeast of Budapest), a s w Full article available for subscribers […]

MVM completed the acquisition of Matrai Eromu – Hungary, 26 March 2020

State-owned Hungarian Electricity Works (MVM) has acquired Matrai Eromu, the country’s second-largest power plant, for a price of 49 million euros. The Government declared the acquisition of Status Power Invest, which owns Matrai Eromu, by MVM a matter of national strategic significance, exemptin Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service (PDF publications, energy […]