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CPC fined CEZ Distribution for market abuse – Bulgaria, 5 January 2018

The Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) said that it has fined electricity distribution unit of CEZ Bulgaria with almost 150,000 euros for its abuse of dominant market position. The statement from the CPC said that CEZ Distribution Bulgaria has imposed unfair trading conditions on its customers, producers of electricity from hydropower plants, in […]

CPC fined CEZ and EVN for abusing dominant position – Bulgaria, 20 December 2017

Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) said it has fined local electricity suppliers, a subsidiary of Czech CEZ and a subsidiary of Austrian EVN, for the abuse of their dominant position on the market. The statement from CPC said that EVN was fined 0.97 million euros, while CEZ was fined 0.56 million euros. The […]

Overgas complained to CPC about Bulgartransgaz – Bulgaria, 19 December 2017

Bulgarian largest private gas supplier Overgas has filed a complaint to the Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) about the abuse of the dominant market position by the state-owned natural gas transmission system operator Bulgartransgaz. The complaint does not state the reason why the company seeks Commission’s assistance. However, Overgas has already filed a complaint […]

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