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Russian gas imports in decline – Greece, 06 September 2019

Russian gas exports to Turkey, Greece and seven other Southeast European nations fell by more than a quarter in the first half of 2019, as cheaper liquefied natural gas (LNG) and new Azeri supplies helped the region reduce reliance on Russia. Greece, which imported 1.5 billion cubic meters of Rus Full article available for subscribers […]

Gas imports from Russian down by 36 % in H1 2019 – Turkey, 06 September 2019

Turkey’s natural gas imports from Russia declined by 36 % on an annual basis to 8.1 billion cubic meters in the first half of 2019. Thus, the country’s reliance on Russian gas supplies fell to 35 % of its needs from 49 %. Turkey’s gas imports from Iran held almost steady, while imports from Azerb […]

681,715 MWh traded on BSP in August – Slovenia, 03 September 2019

A total of 681,715 MWh of electricity was traded on the day-ahead market on the Slovenian energy exchange BSP Southpool in August 2019, which is a 6 % decrease compared to the previous month, with an average of 21,991 MWh/day. Average daily base price on day-ahead market in August amounted to 54. Full article available […]