Electricity imports amounted to over 300 million euros in 2022 so far – Albania, 23 September 2022

Albanian state-owned power utility KESH has spent more than 300 million euros on electricity imports since the beginning of the year. The Albanian Government estimates that it will need additional […]

KESH received electricity production license for floating solar power plant – Albania, 29 April 2022

Albanian state-owned power utility KESH has received an electricity production license for Qyrsak floating solar power plant. The plant has installed capacity of 5.14 MW and is located on the […]

Daily production at the Drin cascade amounts to 6,450 MWh – Albania, 20 April 2022

According to data published by Albanian Energy Corporation KESH, after the gradual improvement of the hydrological situation in the past few weeks, the water level at the reservoir of hydropower […]