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Explosion at Baumgarten gas hub in Austria shook European gas markets – Region, 12 December 2017

An explosion which occurred on Tuesday morning at a key European natural gas hub Baumgarten in Austria has killed one person, injured 21 and caused supply disruptions and distortions on several European gas markets. The hub’s operator, Gas Connect Austria, in which OMV Group holds 51 % stake, was forced to close the facility. The […]

NPP Krsko temporarily shut down over faulty valve – Slovenia, 16 February 2017

The operator of the Slovenian sole nuclear power plant Krsko said that the plant was automatically shut down on Thursday morning due to an issue with a faulty valve which regulates water supply to the non-nuclear part of the plant. The statement further said that there was no impact on the environment and it is […]

Unit 1 at NPP Cernavoda reconnected to the grid – Romania, 14 November 2016

Romanian electricity producer Nuclearelectrica, which operates the country’s sole nuclear power plant Cernavoda, announced that unit 1 was successfully reconnected to the grid on 12 November, following a shutdown due to minor incident on 8 November. The press release said that the damage on one of 400 kV power discharges, which was caused by the […]