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INA to purchase fracked natural gas from Slovenia – Slovenia, 2 August 2016

British-Slovenian company Geoenergo, which has a concession contract for drilling in Slovenian Mura Depression area, announced that Croatian oil company INA will purchase natural gas from two wells in Northeastern Slovenia and transport it to its central gas station in Molve for further processing and cleaning. All the necessary documents and permits for the start […]

Decision on the closure of Sisak refinery prevented – Croatia, 28 July 2016

Croatian member of INA’s Management Board have vetoed the attempt of Hungarian MOL to close oil refinery in Sisak by turning it into distribution and logistics center. There was an item on the agenda of yesterday’s meeting of INA’s Management Board regarding the concentration of crude oil processing in Rijeka refinery and conversion of Sisak […]

INA commissioned two new gas fields in Medjumurje – Croatia, 28 July 2016

Croatian oil company INA started trial production of natural gas at two new gas fields Vuckovec and Zebanec in Medjumurje. The start of trial production at the third gas field Vukanovec is expected in early 2017. It is expected that these two new gas fields will increase INA’s overall hydrocarbons production in the second half […]