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EC Hunedoara to exit insolvency once again – Romania, 9 November 2016

Alba Iulia Court of Appeal decided once again to cancel the decision of Hunedoara Court from late June which approved the request for insolvency and thus, the state-owned Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara will exit insolvency. This court decision is final and GMC SPRL Craiova, which was appointed as the company’s judicial administrator during the short-lived […]

State-owned energy companies recorded 932 million euros losses in the past three years – Romania, 14 October 2016

The companies which operate under the Romanian Ministry of Energy have recorded a loss of 932 million euros in the last three years. Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia, Energy Complex Hunedoara and the Romanian Autonomous Authority for Nuclear Activities (RAAN) have accumulated losses of 619 million euros in 2015 only. Among these three, EC Hunedoara recorded […]

EC Hunedoara reentered insolvency – Romania, 23 June 2016

The Hunedoara Court approved the decision on Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara reentering insolvency and again appointed GMC SPRL Craiova as the company’s judicial administrator. In early June, Iulia Alba Appeal Court has cancelled the insolvency of EC Hunedoara, according to the appeal made by Noroc Bun trade union against the sentence of syndic judge of […]