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Miners’ strike at Lupeni coalmine – Romania, 19 February 2021

Dozens of miners from the Lupeni coalmine in Jiu Valley are refusing to come out of the mine as a protest to a 10-days delay of their salaries, which is the opposite to the agreement the unions previously made with state-owned electricity producer Energy Complex (EC) Hunedoara. According to the a Full article available for […]

Government allocated 22.5 million euros for the closure of two coalmines – Romania, 20 December 30-0

According to a draft decision of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, the closure of two of the underground mining operations in the Jiu Valley, Lonea and Lupeni, a process that has already been postponed, will require total funds of 22.5 million euros in this year. The state aid in the total amou Full article […]

Miners’ union asks for the establishment of EC Valea Jiului – Romania, 11 August 2020

The leaders of the miners’ union from Jiu Valley requested the Government to hasten the establishment of Energy Complex (EC) Valea Jiului, which would include the Lupeni, Lonea, Livezeni and Vulcan coalmines. The request is part of a set of proposals for economic development of the Jiu Valley Full article available for subscribers of Energy […]