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Chinese investors still interested in the construction of TPP Kovin – Serbia, 21 December 2017

During the last week’s meeting with the Vice President of Vojvodina’s Provincial Government Djordje Milicevic, representatives of Chinese companies Huadian Hong Kong Company Limited (CHDHK) and Tianjin Dredging Corporation (CCCC TDC) and Serbian oil company NIS said that they are still interested in the project for the construction of thermal power plant and coalmine near […]

Negotiations on new TPP in Rovinari resumed – Romania, 9 August 2017

Romanian Ministry of Energy announced that Romania has officially resumed talks with Chinese Huadian Engineering on the construction of a new 600 MW thermal power plant in Rovinari, within the Energy Complex Oltenia. After the meeting with the Chinese delegation, Minister of Energy Toma Petcu said that discussion with the Chinese partners had entered a […]