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Hidroelectrica’s IPO could bring 220 million euros to state budget – Romania, 3 April 2017

Former judicial administrator of Hidroelectrica during the company’s insolvency Remus Borza said that the listing of 15 % stake in state-owned electricity producer will bring almost 220 million euros to the Ministry of Finance, an amount that will allow the Government to fall in the 3 % budget deficit target assumed for 2017. According to […]

Hidroelectrica’s listing could take Romania to emerging market status – Romania, 22 March 2017

Chairman of the Bucharest Stock Exchange Administration Board Lucian Anghel said in an interview that the listing of electricity producer Hidroelectrica is needed for the Romanian capital market to upgrade to the status of emerging market and the Romanian state will be the main beneficiary of this promotion. Anghel said that the size requirement of […]

90 % dividend payment will not affect Hidroelectrica’s liquidity – Romania, 14 March 2017

CEO of the Romanian electricity producer Hidroelectrica Ovidiu Agliceru said that the company will not be adversely affected by the measures that prescribe the payout 90 % of the dividends registered in 2016 to shareholders. Agliceru stressed that the company has sufficient cash and bank deposits, adding that the dividend payments will not affect the […]