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Siemens and GE bidding for CHPP Pancevo construction – Serbia, 5 October, 2017

Siemens and General Electric (GE) have submitted bids in a tender for the construction of combined heat and power plant (CHPP) in Pancevo, launched by Energoholding, a subsidiary of Russian gas company Gazprom. General Electric is participating as a part of consortium with Turkish company Gamma, while Siemens formed a consortium with Greek Metka. The […]

GE won equipment supply contract for TPP Iernut – Romania, 26 June 2017

General Electric (GE) has won an equipment supply contract for the project for the construction of the new 430 MW Iernut power plan, on a tender published by the contractors – a consortium of Spanish Duro Felguera and Romanian Romelectro. The plant will feature four of GE’s 6F.03 gas turbines, two steam turbines and four […]

General Electric interested in Kostolac wind farm – Serbia, 15 June 2017

According to Serbian media, General Electric is interested in participating In the construction of Kostolac wind farm, a project developed by state-owned power utility EPS. The company’s CEO for southeastern Europe Gaetano Massara said that General Electric is technically and commercially fit to take part in the project. He said that Serbian renewable energy market […]