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Pojorata-Vatra Dornei gas pipeline declared as project of national interest – Romania, 05 July 2019

Romanian Government has adopted a decision by which the Pojorata-Vatra Dornei gas pipeline was declared a project of national importance in the field of natural gas. The project, worth an estimated 5.8 million euros, was included in the national development and modernization plan of natural gas t Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS […]

Extension of natural gas network at Constanta port – Romania, 25 June 2019

Spokesperson of the National Company of Maritime Ports Administration (CNAPM), Monica Velicu said that the company is investing about 1.3 million euros from its own sources for the extension of the natural gas distribution network in the entire southern area of Constanta port. According to Velic Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service […]

Greek gas network stretched to the limit – Greece, 11 January 2019

Energy authorities have been in emergency mode over the last few days to ensure a sufficient supply of electricity and natural gas to Greece, as a prolonged cold spell has shot demand up to record levels and the gas network is operating without reserves, despite the operation of the new depot on Rev Full article […]