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INA’s fuel sales dropped by 50 % – Croatia, 09 April 2020

Croatian oil company INA said that its fuel sales dropped by between 30 and 50 % in the past month due to reduced travel needs of the general public and the slowdown in economic activity prompted by the coronavirus spread. As a result, the company has refocused operation at its Consumer Services Full article available for subscribers of […]

Competition Council approves SOCAR’s lease of Aral stations – Romania, 06 April 2020

The Romanian Competition Council has authorized the transaction by which SOCAR Petroleum, a Romanian subsidiary of the State Oil Company of Azerbaijan, intends to lease six petrol stations, currently operated by the local company Aral. The six  stations which are located in Arad, Timis and Sibiu Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service (PDF […]

Fuel prices hit the lowest level in 11 years – Slovenia, 07 April 2020

Retail fuel prices in Slovenia were reduced once again, reaching the level of 1.029 euros/liter for petrol and 1.017 euros/liter for diesel. Namely, the Government reduced the excise duties levied by the state on fuel, which form a significant part of the final retail price. Thus, the prices have Full article available for subscribers of […]