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OMV is not informed on ExxonMobil’s plans to withdraw from Neptun Deep gas project – Romania, 06 August 2019

According to CEO of Austrian OMV Group Rainer Seele, the company has not been notified by its US partner ExxonMobil or the Romanian Government about the ExxonMobil’s intention to withdraw from the Neptun Deep gas project in the Black Sea. Seele stressed that OMV has no official information so far Full article available for subscribers […]

ExxonMobil did not inform Energy Ministry about withdrawal from Black Sea gas project – Romania, 31 July 2019

Romanian Minister of Energy Anton Anton said that US company ExxonMobil has not informed the Ministry of any intention to withdraw from the Black Sea natural gas exploration project or bring another partner into the project. Minister Anton reminded that ExxonMobil recently sent the documentation Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service (PDF […]

Permit for gas measuring station in Tuzla issued – Romania, 18 July 2019

Romanian Ministry of Energy announced that it has issued a permit for the implementation of an onshore geotechnical survey in Tuzla, in order for the US company ExxonMobil to build a gas measuring station. The statement from the Ministry said that the site where drills and measurements will be m Full article available for subscribers […]