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Bulgaria suspends electricity exports as of 13 December – Bulgaria, 12 January 2017

Bulgarian Ministry of Energy announced that all electricity exports from the country will be suspended as of Friday, 13 January, due to increased consumption caused by extremely cold weather in the past few days. Therefore, all electricity exports are suspended until the energy system is brought back to balance. Due to cold weather, Bulgaria has […]

Electricity production dropped by 8.27 % in 2016 – Bulgaria, 5 January 2017

According to the data published by Bulgarian electricity transmission system operator ESO, electricity production in 2016 fell by 8.27 % in 2016, reaching a total of 45,037,329 MWh. On the other hand, electricity consumption in Bulgaria in 2016 increased slightly by 0.16 %, amounting to 38,619,490 MWh, but electricity exports dropped by 39.1 % to […]

Bulgaria to increase its installed capacity by 1,817 MW by 2025 – Bulgaria, 19 October 2016

According to a plan for the development of Bulgarian power system in the next ten years published by transmission system operator ESO, the country’s installed capacity is expected to increase by 1,817 MW by 2025 in order to reach gross production of 52,627 GWh. Renewable energy sources will be accounted for 1,420 MW of the […]