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INA to purchase fracked natural gas from Slovenia – Slovenia, 2 August 2016

British-Slovenian company Geoenergo, which has a concession contract for drilling in Slovenian Mura Depression area, announced that Croatian oil company INA will purchase natural gas from two wells in Northeastern Slovenia and transport it to its central gas station in Molve for further processing and cleaning. All the necessary documents and permits for the start […]

Six EU countries reached emission targets for 2030 – Region, 1 August 2016

According to a report published by Climate Change News, six countries, including Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, may not need to cut down greenhouse gas emissions at least until 2030. These countries, including Portugal, reached the quota in 2014, which is mostly due to the effects of economic crisis, but also due to the […]

TPP Kostolac achieved record electricity production – Serbia, 25 July 2016

Director in charge of electricity production at thermal power plant Kostolac, Nenad Markovic said that TPP Kostolac A and TPP Kostolac B have produced over 3 billion kWh of electricity in the first five months of 2016, which is a record production for this period, adding that if the trend continues the annual planned production […]