Tag: energy crisis

Natural gas subsidy for households for October set at 90 euros/MWh – Greece, 22 September 2022

The Greek Government revealed details ofits plan to subsidize electricity and natural gas bills for households to mitigate price increases. Minister of Energy Kostas Skrekas said that the starting prices […]

EPCG offers its shares on the stock exchange – Montenegro, 15 September 2022

Following two failed attempts to sell its shares to institutional investors, the Montenegrin Government allows state-owned utility EPCG to sell 10 % of its shares on the stock exchange. The […]

Authorities promote the use if heating oil instead of electricity for heating purposes – Greece, 12 September 2022

Greek authorities urged households to switch back from using electricity for heating purposes to heating oil during the winter season. The state is promoting the use of heating oil through […]