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Public debate on the planned development of electricity transmission system started – Serbia, 31 March 2017

On 31 March, Serbian Energy Agency (AERS) published an invitation for a public debate on the plan for the development of electricity transmission system in the 2017-2026 period, which was submitted by Serbian electricity transmission system operator EMS. Public debate on the proposal for a ten-year development plan of Serbian electricity transmission system will be […]

Transelectrica’s CEO is stepping down – Romania, 13 March 2017

Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica has announced that its CEO and the Member of the Board of Director Toni Teau will give up his mandate as of 26 April 2017. Last year, failures in the electricity transmission network in Romania have become more frequent, while blackouts affected several counties on several occasions. According to […]

EMS signed loan and grant agreement on Trans-Balkan corridor – Serbia, 3 March 2017

Serbian electricity transmission system operator EMS has signed an agreement with German KfW Bank on a loan for the construction of a part of Trans-Balkan corridor, namely Kragujevac-Kraljevo section. The loan worth 15 million euros will provide funds for the second section of the first phase of Trans-Balkan corridor construction in Serbia. The loan repayment […]