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PPC to pay 400 million euros to electricity producers – Greece, 6 December 2016

Greek Supreme Administrative Court has ruled that Public Power Corporation (PPC) has to provide 400 million euros to Greek electricity market operator LAGIE in order to compensate the thermal electricity and renewable energy producers for offsetting practices pursued by the Greek main power utility. The Court rejected PPC’ appeal from 2013 in which it requested […]

HEP targets higher share in electricity supply market – Slovenia, 2 December 2016

Croatian state-owned power utility HEP, through its Slovenian subsidiary HEP Energija, currently holds 12.5 % market share in the supply of electricity to business consumers and plans to further increase its share in the Slovenian market. Member of the HEP’s Board Sasa Dujmic, at the annual meeting with HEP’s customers and business partners in Ljubljana, […]

Green energy will significantly increase electricity prices – Croatia, 2 December 2016

All active electricity suppliers in Croatia have jointly warned that the liberalized electricity market will crash if the state would impose the obligation to purchase “green” energy produced by wind farms and other producers from renewable sources. It is interesting that, among other suppliers such as RWE, GEN-I, Crodux, Proenergy, this initiative is endorsed by […]