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Working group for the selection of universal supplier to be established – Macedonia, 23 May 2018

The Macedonian Government reviewed and adopted the information on the establishment of a working group to prepare the tender documentation for a procedure for the selection of universal electricity supplier and the supplier of last resort. In this regard, the Cabinet of the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of economic affairs Koco Angjusev, is obliged […]

EPS has no competition in households electricity supply – Serbia, 10 May 2018

Although the electricity market in Serbia has been liberalized for more than three years, state-owned power utility EPS is the sole supplier of electricity to Serbian households. Serbian households have the right to choose their own supplier, but that right has not been exercised so far, because EPS offers electricity at prices far below market […]

PPC acquired Macedonian EDS for 4.8 million euros – Greece, 27 April 2018

Greek state-controlled Public Power Corporation has officially acquired Macedonian electricity trading and supply company EDS Group for 4.8 million euros, following the transaction approval by PPC’s Board of Directors earlier in April. EDS Group was established in 2012 and has subsidiaries in Serbia, Kosovo and Slovakia, but is also active in Hungarian, Bulgarian and Croatian […]