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HEP established a company for electricity supply – HEP Elektra – Croatia, 11 November 2016

The establishment of HEP Elektra on 2 November 2016 meets the obligations set under the amendments on the Electricity Market Act regarding the separation of the network and supply business activities which had been carried out by the distribution system operator HEP ODS. In terms of supply, HEP Elektra is a legal successor of HEP […]

HEP Opskrba and the city of Zagreb signed new electricity supply contract – Croatia, 9 November 2016

Electricity supply division of Croatian state-owned power utility HEP – HEP Opskrba has signed new, two-year contract with the city of Zagreb for the supply of electricity to all institutions and companies in city’s ownership. Estimated value of the contract is 32.5 million euros. According to the new contract, HEP Opskrba will supply electricity to […]

GEN-I to continue to supply electricity to Croatian Post – Croatia, 2 November 2016

GEN-I Zagreb, a Croatian subsidiary of the Slovenian energy company GEN-I, is on the right way to achieving its business plan for this year, according to which, a sale of 405.8 million kWh of electricity on the Croatian market is planned, out of which some 150 million kWh is supplied to small businesses and households. […]