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Results of guarantees of origin auctions – Croatia, 18 September 2020

On guarantees of origin auctions for electricity from incentivized producers, that was held on 18 September 2020, the entire amount of 274,923 guarantees of origin was sold on three separate auctions. Auctions were organized as three parallel auctions, in addition to guarantees of origin from win Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service […]

Record hourly volume on CROPEX intraday market – Croatia, 16 September 2020

For the delivery of energy on the 15 September, the hourly volume of 518 MWh was traded, which makes the record volume traded for a single hour since the start of the intraday market. The highest hourly volume was registered for the delivery of energy from 22:00-23:00 in the amount of 518 MWh. In Full […]

First EnC contracting party to designate market operator in line with EU CACM regulation – Macedonia, 14 September 2020

The Energy Community (EnC) Secretariat welcomes a recent decision of the Government of North Macedonia to designate the Macedonian Electricity Market Operator – MEMO as an operator of the organized electricity market in North Macedonia. By this decision MEMO became the first market operator in t Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service […]