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Electricity consumption increased by 1 % in December – Slovenia, 25 January 2017

According to the data from the Statistical Office of Republic of Slovenia, country’s electricity consumption in December 2016 increased by 1 % compared to the same month last year. In December 2016, total net electricity generation in Slovenia reached 1,379 GWh, which is 5 % more than in the previous month. On the other hand, […]

Irregularities in electricity consumption readings in December – Serbia, 25 January 2017

Last week, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic confirmed that there have been some irregularities in the reading of electricity consumed by Serbian citizens in December last year, which is why some electricity bills were exaggerated, and promised that state-owned power utility EPS will compensate those affected by these irregularities. PM Vucic explained that it is […]

Domestic production covered 80 % consumption in December – Macedonia, 25 January 2017

Total electricity consumption in Macedonia in December 2016 amounted to 695,934 MWh, natural gas consumption amounted to 33.459 million cubic meters, coal consumption reached 464,200 tons, while the consumption of petroleum products stood at 97,561 tons. According to the data from State Statistical Office, 79.8 % of the consumed electricity in December was covered by […]