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Record high electricity export achieved – Romania, 18 January 2017

On 16 January, Romania recorded the highest electricity export in the amount of 1,866 MW since transmission system operator Transelectrica keeps record. The previous record was set on 27 November 2015, when exports amounted to 1,680 MW. According to media reports, most of electricity produced by Hidroelectrica and wind farms were exported on 16 January. […]

Wind energy covers 15.5 % of electricity consumption – Romania, 17 January 2017

Romanian Association for Wind Energy (RWEA) announced that the wind energy production accounted for 13.8 % of Romanian entire electricity production and 15.5 % of national gross consumption in the period between 6 and 15 January 2017. During this period, Romania produced 2.12 TWh of electricity, of which 1.91 TWh was consumed in the country. […]

Electricity production reached 7.3 billion kWh in 2016 – Albania, 17 January 2017

Albanian power utility KESH announced that, for the first time in the last six years, Albania annual electricity production exceeded domestic needs, which means that surplus electricity was exported to neighboring countries. The statement from KESH said that a total of 7.3 billion kWh of electricity was produced in Albania in 2016, which is the […]