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Historical high daily electricity consumption recorded in RS – Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 January 2017

Executive Director for technical affairs at the power utility ERS, Maksim Skoko said that the highest daily electricity consumption in the Republic of Srpska (RS) in the history of the company was recorded on 11 January and it amounted to 16,994 MWh. Skoko pointed out that this daily consumption was achieved with the maximum load […]

New daily electricity consumption record set on 10 January – Montenegro, 11 January 2017

Electricity consumption at the distribution level in Montenegro is reaching absolute records in recent days. Montenegrin distribution system operator CEDIS announced that electricity supplied to the distribution network in the last ten days amounted to 95.174 million kWh, which is 21 % more than in the same period last year. The statement from CEDIS said […]

EPS not expecting problems with energy supply due to cold weather – Serbia, 10 January 2017

Serbian state-owned power utility EPS announced that it has provided a stable supply of electricity during the cold wave, which caused an increase in electricity consumption in Serbia. During the past few days, EPS has delivered approximately 120 million kWh of electricity per day, while on Monday, 9 January, consumption peaked at about 130 million […]