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HPP Djerdap 2 achieved record monthly production – Serbia, 4 April 2017

Serbian state-owned power utility EPS announced that its hydropower plant Djerdap 2 has produced 167.72 million kWh of electricity in March, which is the highest monthly production in the history of plant’s operation. Such high production was mostly influenced by technical readiness of the generators as well as ideal flow of the Danube, which amounted […]

Djerdap HPPs increased production – Serbia, 9 February 2017

Rapidly melting snow and ice, as well as rainfall in the past few days, significantly improved hydrology of the Danube and thus the production of electricity at Djerdap hydropower plants. The flow of the Danube is currently 5,500 cubic meters per second, which is enough for a daily production of 22 million kWh of electricity. […]