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Makpetrol to distribute 1.76 million euros in dividends – Macedonia, 8 May 2018

Macedonian fuel retailer Makpetrol said that it will propose to its shareholders the distribution of a total of 1.76 million euros from last year’s profit in dividends. In 2016, Makpetrol distributed a total of 1.83 million euros in dividends. Full article available for subscribers of Energy NEWS service (PDF publications, energy news, analyses, power and […]

Extra dividends will urge state-owned companies to invest more – Romania, 19 February 2018

Romanian Minister of Energy Anton Anton said that extra dividends for state-owned companies, which are obliged to distribute 90 % of their profit through dividends, will urge these companies to invest more money instead of keeping it in reserves. Minister Anton said that the funds which state-owned companies pay to state budget through dividends will […]

Hidroelectrica to pay additional 142 million euros in dividends – Romania, 15 September 2017

Shareholders of the Romanian electricity producer Hidroelectrica agreed that the company should pay additional dividends in the amount of 142.4 million euros, following the request from the Romanian Government. In July, Hidroelectrica already paid dividneds in the amount of some 225 million euros from its 2016 profit, but the Government has asked several state-owned energy […]